United States Senator Alan K. Simpson (Retired)

"The Cowboy Carousel Center will be a truly great asset to Buffalo, Johnson County and all the surrounding areas. It will give us a quality venue for the visual and performing arts and many community uses - and also serve as a historical carousel for locals and tourists alike. It will become a showpiece and centerpiece drawing people to the downtown area and encouraging folks to enjoy the friendly citizens of Johnson County - and getting 'em to "stick around a while!"

United States Senator Mike Enzi

"Leaving a campsite better than you found it is an ingrained value in Wyoming culture. I've found that what goes for campsites also goes for communities and am pleased to support efforts to improve the art and cultural opportunities in our state. I salute Arts Along the Big Horns' efforts to celebrate our past and make our future better."

United States Representative Cynthia Lummis

"Preservation of symbols reflecting Wyoming's past is important to me. Having a fully functional Cowboy Carousel in beautiful Buffalo, Wyoming is a most worthy goal. I fully support the efforts of "Arts Along the Big Horns" in this worthwhile project."


United States Senator John Barrasso, MD

"Thanks to the enthusiastic support from folks in Buffalo, the Cowboy Carousel Center will soon become a reality. This teriffic facility will highlight Wyoming's Basque culture and its influence on the development of the state's sheep industry. The carousel features seats modeled after Native American and United States Calvary horses. The Center celebrates Wyoming's unique history, and will provide an incredible venue for community gatherings, as well as educational and artistic endeavors. The Cowboy Carousel will be a special asset to Buffalo, Johnson County, and the great state of Wyoming, Bobbi and I send our congratulations and appreciation to all who have worked so hard on this worthwhile project."


State of Wyoming Senator Dave Kinskey

"This is a piece of our history worth preserving, and adapting for use and enjoyment today and for future generations. The Cowboy Carousel Center is made possible by our strong sense of community - coming together, to make good things happen! "

State of Wyoming House of Representative Michael K. Madden
"The venerable Buffalo carousel is an important link to our past. Generations hold lifelong memories of this icon at Bozeman Crossing from years past when they visited Buffalo. What a profound addition it will be to the historic district of Lobban Street! It is an important piece of Buffalo that needs to be preserved and enjoyed by those visiting our downtown area.