About the Cowboy Carousel Center


The vision of this facility is moored in what already exists. Arts Along the Bighorns is already committed and invested in the process of how to take something old and make it beautiful, relevant and designed with good purpose.

The purchase of the Beutler Building was visionary, deliberate and rooted with heritage tourism in mind knowing the building would provide the perfect bond between the existing facility and the hopes of creating a permanent home for the carousel while being fiscally responsible and intuitive to community partnerships and revenue generating offerings.

Already the Cowboy Carousel Center generates revenue. By providing event space for community events, hosting arts and cultural entertainment activities, creating a social and accessible venue, with modest office space for professionals and artists, Beutler Building is a diverse and an accommodating location.

Mission Statement

To promote culture and art in the bighorn mountain region of wyoming through community events, charitable programs and economic development through the arts, education and historic preservation.

Our Goal

The restoration and preservation of the cowboy carousel and a historic building, to aid in the revitalization of the Buffalo downtown core and provide a center for the arts, community projects, and events.